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    Ortana was founded in 1992 by Electronics Engineers. Since the day of its establishment, Ortana has aimed at designing and manufacturing products to the highest international standards. In order to achieve this, Ortana has closely followed the technological developments, given importance to research and development and quality control standards. This has resulted in a range of products designed and manufactured by Ortana, which meet all the requirements of various technical standards.

    With its range of ITS & PI products, projects completed successfully, ISO certificates, manufacturing facilities, research and development expertise, human resources, Ortana has become a competitive Company in the international market.

    In line with its mission, Ortana continues to contribute towards the development of technology in Turkey and around the world and, sees all its customers as solution partners. Its principal objective is to meet the customer requirements and find the solutions, which are reliable, of highest quality and economical.

    Intelligent Traffic Solutions – ITS

    Advancing the effective use of the road capacity by using technology, is a study of automatic management system by using the data get from the road about weather and traffic condition. Ortana is one of the leading intelligent and integrated traffic management systems supplier company.

    The Company presents ITS solutions with fiber optic, copper and wireless communication infrastructures based on TCP/IP or serial communication such as Profibus. System components and protocol structure are fully NTCIP, XML and/or OPC compliant. Ortana mainly uses TCP/IP data flow standard for its projects to achieve a reliable, flexible and expandable open system concept. Almost all systems are easily configurable and remote controlled via Web http GUI interfaces.

    Ortana’s software components are designed in modules to work individually as well as harmoniously together.