CHARM-PCP (European Union Pre Commercial Procurement (PCP)) competition

CHARM-PCP (European Union Pre Commercial Procurement (PCP)) competition

For the CHARM-PCP project (Pre Commercial Procurement), the consortium is complemented by the Flanders Department of Mobility and Public Works, the Technology Strategy Board (UK) and Agentschap NL.The competition process is being run by Technology Strategy Board of behalf of these Agencies.

The objective of CHARM is to move towards an open modular architecture for traffic management systems that allows plug in of new modules that can bring breakthrough innovations to traffic management services.

CHARM-PCP is seeking to create three new modules for the CHARM architecture

•Advanced distributed network management

•Detection & Prediction of Incidents

•Support of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems( ITS) Functions

Organisations are invited to compete for a share of €2.880.000 (exclusive of VAT) reserved for CHARM-PCP contracts.

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